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Cameroon is a developing country located in Central Africa. The beautiful, hard-working and proud people of Cameroon are committed to working toward the economic stability of their own communities instead of relying solely on the government or others for their survival.

The Cameroon Task Force partners with the people of Kribi to improve their health and educational opportunities, and to further an exchange of friendship between our communities. Over the years, the Task Force has supported many activities everything from building and expanding a Wellness Center, to provide dormitories for high school students, meeting facilities for educators, and classrooms to conducting emergency trauma training for health care professionals. Additionally, the Task Force has donated medical equipment and supplies including Personal Energy Transportation (PET) mobility tricycles for people experiencing physical disabilities and distributed Lion's Club sponsored eyeglasses.

The Wellness Center (Nurse's Aide Training School)

In May/June, 2012, twenty St. John United Methodist Church (SJUMC) and Jewel Lake Parish Presbyterian Church (JLPPC) members traveled to Cameroon, West Africa, to assist local partners in establishing a Nurse'ss Aide School and offer humanitarian support through several special initiatives.

Opening in fall, 2012, the Nurse's Aide School will become part of the existing Wellness Center complex in the seaside town of Kribi, Cameroon, which has been supported by SJUMC since 2005. The Kribi Wellness Center, managed by a local, non-profit association affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon, currently provides lodging for 40 students from remote villages without a local high school, student scholarships, health education, small enterprise development training, and gaining access to clean drinking water.

The Wellness Center is self-sustaining, yet has benefited from SJUMC support to expand operations and enhance services. Multi-generational mission teams in 2007, 2010 and 2012 have worked alongside Cameroonian partners and youth on construction and service projects, cultural exchange and fellowship - building meaningful and enduring relationships. In 2011, SJUMC hosted the Wellness Center's director in Anchorage, and plans to host other Cameroonian partners, as possible.

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